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UBA Survey: Weary Families Get a Break While Singles See Out-of-Pocket Cost Increases | JRW Associates, Inc., a Raleigh Benefit Advisory Firm

While the rate impact of the regulatory environment plays out, one thing is clear from the 2017 UBA Health Plan Survey: employers continue to shift a greater share of expenses to employees through out-of-pocket cost increases. While this is just one of 7 mega trends uncovered in the survey, it is particularly interesting this year … Continued

Latest IRS ACA Round Up (Including 2018 Cost-of-Living Adjustments) | JRW Associates, Inc., a Raleigh Benefit Advisory Firm

Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the instructions for Forms 1094/1095 for the 2017 tax year, announced PCORI fees for 2017-18, and announced cost-of-living adjustments for 2018. The IRS provided additional guidance on leave-based donation programs’ tax treatment and released an information letter on COBRA and Medicare. Here’s a recap of these actions for … Continued

Top ten catastrophic claims conditions | JRW Associates, Inc., a Raleigh Benefit Advisory Firm

The top ten catastrophic claims conditions represented 53% of all stop-loss claims reimbursements.  Compared to last year’s study, conditions remained generally consistent and ranged from various cancers to congestive heart failure to infection. Cancer continued its dominance as the leading catastrophic claims condition, accounting for 26.6% of all the total stop-loss claims with $618 million … Continued

2017 Health Plan Survey Shows Sharp Rise in Group Healthcare Premiums | JRW Associates, Inc., a Raleigh Benefit Advisory Firm

I’m happy to report that this year’s UBA Health Plan survey achieved a milestone. For the first time, we surpassed 20,000 health plans entered—20,099 health plans to be exact, which were sponsored by 11,221 employers. What we were able to determine from all this data was that a tumultuous Presidential election likely encouraged many employers … Continued

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