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JRW Associates’ extensive network of carrier relationships is truly unique in the benefits consulting industry. We have long-standing, preferred relationships with a wide variety of trusted insurance carriers. We maintain connection with the most utilized medical carriers in North Carolina.

At JRW Associates your benefit team is constantly researching and evaluating new programs and plans to ensure you are aware of the latest information regarding insurance policies, compliance, program options, and rate changes. We strategically align employee benefit offerings with your goals. A Client Manager is specifically assigned to you to build a lasting relationship that promotes the success and profitability of your business. Client Managers are at the head of many services, including:

  • Renewal & Open Enrollment planning
  • Educating clients on JRW’s services
  • Population health improvement
  • High level customer service
  • Account round-out
  • Choosing strategically aligned benefit offerings
  • Managing client accounts to ensure services are delivered in a timely manner

When an organization like JRW Associates focuses its efforts on the specific needs of its clients, we are able to deliver exceptional results.

For customized employee benefits solutions at market-competitive rates please contact JRW Associates by phone at our Raleigh office at 919.571.0883 or by email at We proudly serve employers throughout North Carolina.

JRW understands the importance of evaluating the impact of plan designs and pricing changes to help determine whether carriers are providing the right assumptions for your renewal of medical, life, disability, and other specialized coverage. Knowing how your organization compares with other employers through state-specific and national benchmarking data, as well as cost-saving opportunities, is critical information when it comes to making employee benefit decisions. We provide claims reporting packages, benchmarking analysis, national benefit survey data, and actuarial and plan analysis tools to assist you in this process.

Knowing whether you’re compliant can be a daunting task with the ongoing changes in healthcare reform. JRW Associates’ goal is to keep you current with state and federal regulations in areas such as ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, IRS Section 125, FMLA. If we find you have compliance gaps, JRW Associates will work with you to implement the necessary procedures to close those gaps by providing you with legal and compliance solutions.

We believe there are always ways to improve upon the efficiency and accuracy of making and updating employee details with the various insurance carriers. We have both a technology solution that uses an “EDI” reporting service as well as our own talented JRW team members to make your life easier and more efficient!

EDI Solutions

At JRW Associates we work directly with the top insurance carrier in the marketplace to develop custom communication technology called “EDI” feeds. This allows us to create a solution for our client to add employee eligibility and changes in one place and those details are sent DIRECTLY to the carrier database. This EDI feed capability creates a much quicker and more accurate way to send and manage updates for your employees.

JRW Eligibility Team

Our team of benefits and eligibility professionals are available to clients that need support and accuracy when managing employee changes and benefit packages. We will implement a system to handle any employee benefit changes such as new hires, life events and terminations. We will process the update and ensure carriers have the correct details quickly.

JRW Associates works hard to provide our clients with all of the tools and resources they need to make the administration of their benefits as simple and manageable as possible.

In addition to full access to our team members, clients also have access to a massive amount of resource materials. These additional resources include HR programs, informative multimedia presentations, employee handouts and deliverables, and online enrollment platforms. Clients of JRW Associates receive in-person enrollment aide as well as support throughout the online enrollment process. The goal is to craft a network of information and functionality to facilitate the benefit administration process.

If you are in need of assistance when administering your benefits, contact the Raleigh office of JRW Associates at 919.571.0883 or by emailing,

JRW Associates is a full-service employee benefits advisory firm specializing in managing costs, compliance, education & communication, and administration for each of our clients. At JRW Associates we know communication is key to a successful business and a thriving employee environment. As employee populations continue to diversify, effective communication has become more crucial than ever before. The same message can be delivered or received with different results.

JRW Associates specializes in different communication techniques that are beneficial to a broad and diverse population of employees. As a client of JRW Associates, we consult with you and thoroughly analyze your employee communication goals. As part of our partnership with you, we help to develop strategies to better inform your employees.

Our tailored communication procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Web-Based Medical Plan Evaluations (Medical Plan Evaluator)
  • Web-Based 24-7 Employee Benefit Centers
  • Employee Benefit Statements
  • Presentations at Enrollment Meetings
  • Online Benefit Enrollments
  • Benefit Summary Documents
  • Online Reminders

If you need assistance communicating your benefits to your employees, contact JRW Associates at 919.571.0883, or by email at

A focus on overall wellness is important not only for enriching the lives of your employees, but also to provide opportunities to control costs. Healthy employees are happy employees, and an effective wellness program can lead to increased productivity. Your employees are your most valuable resources, so ensuring that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally sound is something every company should consider. Also, healthier employees make fewer health insurance claims, which can drastically reduce administrative costs for employee benefits.

Many of us are familiar with the frustrating process of visiting our primary care physicians, often spending large amounts of money to wait days for an appointment. As technology advances, alternatives to standard medical care have come to the forefront. With programs like Teladoc, quality care is only a call or click away. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Teladoc is a platform which allows you to connect with U.S. board-certified doctors who can resolve your medical issues remotely. Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication when necessary.

If you plan to provide your employees with health tips, screenings, flu shots, wellness programs, and other health-related resources through an Annual Health or Wellness Fair, we will handle the details for you! From choosing vendors to creating Employee Communications our experience in coordinating events with high employee and vendor satisfaction levels can be put to work for you and your employees.

During your annual benefits planning meeting, your JRW Associates team will address your Health Fair plans.

JRW’s International Benefits Resource, Globex International, founded in 1993, is an international employee benefits, insurance and risk management consulting firm. Our partnership provides our clients with:

  • A dedicated team with over 200 years of international brokerage and underwriting experience.
  • Access to a worldwide network of 300 brokers and consultants in 160 countries outside the United States.
  • Access to a wide range of international insurance and employee benefits consulting and brokerage services.
  • Effective program implementation and management utilizing our worldwide network.

By partnering with Globex, we can provide our clients with a fully integrated employee benefits solution, including both domestic and international benefits.

Through Globex, we have access to experienced insurance professional located worldwide who can deliver the same health and welfare insurance products and services internationally as we do domestically, allowing us to provide local service across the globe.

If you offer employee benefits internationally we will centralize your plan design, brokerage, plan implementation and administration services, We coordinate services on a global scale based on local trends, customs, benchmarks and regulations, country profiles and case studies.

Global Capabilities

  • International employee benefits assessment
  • Global help desk
  • Multinational pooling support
  • Local National Benefits
  • Expatriate Medical and Travel
  • Benefit plan benchmarking
  • Benefit plan design and financing
  • Global and local benefit plan management

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