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We Fit Your Needs

JRW Associates provides dedicated account management

  • Inquire about each client’s budget and strategy to develop customized benefit solutions.
  • Philosophy based on insurance advising instead selling insurance.
  • Provide project outlines with time frames, due dates and contingencies.

We do the Heavy Lifting

JRW Associates has the experts, resources, tools and methodologies to act extension of your human resource and finance departments. You can have peace of mind knowing that when issues arise, you don’t have to be the expert. We take time to provide the trusted answers and resolutions that free you to focus on your other priorities.

We Protect You

Our compliance efforts keep clients safe

  • We take the time to understand your risk tolerance level and work hard to keep you within your safe zone.
  • We seek to remove the fear of unknown. We ensure you are informed and up to date and equipped with the right tools. You’ll understand and know how to deal with issues before they occur.

We Advise

Your plate is full running your business. Designing and managing benefits program is just one small piece.

At JRW Associates, we turn confusion and chaos into a strategic process. We to know your business and guide you strategy that compliments your future business goals.

We understand the importance of evaluating the impact of plan designs and pricing changes to help determine whether carriers are providing the right assumptions for your renewal of medical, life, disability, and other specialized coverage.

  • Knowing how your organization compares with other employers through state-specific and national benchmarking data provides cost-saving opportunities critical to help you act with confidence when making employee benefit decisions.
  • We provide Claims reporting packages, benchmarking analysis, national benefit survey data, and actuarial and plan analysis tools. https:/

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