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A focus on overall wellness is important not only for enriching the lives of your employees, but also to provide opportunities to control costs. Healthy employees are happy employees, and an effective wellness program can lead to increased productivity. Your employees are your most valuable resources, so ensuring that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally sound is something every company should consider. Also, healthier employees make fewer health insurance claims, which can drastically reduce administrative costs for employee benefits.

Many of us are familiar with the frustrating process of visiting our primary care physicians, often spending large amounts of money to wait days for an appointment. As technology advances, alternatives to standard medical care have come to the forefront. With programs like Teledoc, quality care is only a call or click away. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Teledoc is a platform which allows you to connect with U.S. board-certified doctors who can resolve your medical issues remotely. Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication when necessary. For more information on Teledoc, watch this brief overview. If you plan to provide your employees with health tips, screenings, flu shots, wellness programs, and other health-related resources through an Annual Health or Wellness Fair, we will handle the details for you! From choosing vendors to creating Employee Communications our experience in coordinating events with high employee and vendor satisfaction levels can be put to work for you and your employees.

During your annual benefits planning meeting, your JRW Associates team will address your Health Fair plans.

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