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We believe there are always ways to improve upon the efficiency and accuracy of making and updating employee details with the various insurance carriers. We have both a technology solution that uses an “EDI” reporting service as well as our own talented JRW team members to make your life easier and more efficient!

EDI Solutions

At JRW we work directly with the top insurance carrier in the marketplace to develop custom communication technology called “EDI” feeds. This allows us to create a solution for our client to add employee eligibility and changes in one place and those details are sent DIRECTLY to the carrier database. This EDI feed capability creates a much quicker and more accurate way to send and manage updates for your employees.

JRW Eligibility Team

Our team of benefits and eligibility professionals are available to clients that need support and accuracy when managing employee changes and benefit packages. We will implement a system to handle any employee benefit changes such as new hires, life events and terminations. We will process the update and ensure carriers have the correct details quickly.

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