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Easy Answers to Your Employee Benefits


Employee Benefits Portals

Employees agree that benefits are confusing and complicated to understand.  The average employee spends little time trying to understand, compare, and fully appreciate benefits plans.  The information they get can be difficult to find, and understand.  Add in health care reform, higher costs, unhealthy behaviors and an HR team that doesn’t have the time or tools to help educate employees and dependents about the benefits and programs being offered. and you get an environment where employees are confused and in many cases making the wrong choices for their family.   This can create benefits and programs that are undervalued because the programs and process are just too difficult to navigate.


View Custom Portal Touchpoints Demo Site:

JRW has a platform that helps employees easily access benefit-related information they need, when they need it…Touchpoints Online

These online portals include:

  • Benefit details:
    • Highlights of all plans available to you
    • Side-by-side comparisons
    • Descriptions that are easy to understand
    • Tips on how to make the most of them—spend less money, get quality care
    • Plan documents
  • Benefit and wellness education
  • Information about company and HR programs and events
  • Links to all contacts, providers, and more!
Custom Benefit Web Portals
Give your clients and their employees access to their benefits. This online portal and mobile app, includes all the benefits information you need in one spot in a custom benefit portal, available 24/7.

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