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Managed Benefits

Managed Benefits

After designing the benefits plan, let us help you implement it. From New Hire Enrollment to COBRA Enrollment, our paperless platform makes it easy for you to manage.

New Hire Onboarding

New Hire Onboarding

HR can onboard employees faster and easier, giving employees a great first day without stacks of paperwork. Create tasks in minutes and let employees breeze through onboarding without breaking a sweat.

Managed Benefits

Time-Off Tracking

Setting up and administering time-off packages has never been easier. Configure a PTO package unique to your company and let employees use their self service tool to request time off in a few clicks.

Managed Benefits

Direct Carrier Data Transmission

At JRW we work directly with the top insurance carrier in the marketplace to develop custom communication technology called “EDI” feeds. This allows us to create a solution for our client to add employee eligibility and changes in one place and those details are sent DIRECTLY to the carrier database. This EDI feed capability creates a much quicker and more accurate way to send and manage updates for your employees.

Managed Benefits


Knowing whether you’re compliant can be a daunting task with the ongoing changes in healthcare reform. Our goal is to keep you current with federal regulations in areas such as ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, IRS Section 125, FMLA and state regulations. If we find you have compliance gaps; we will help you implement the necessary procedures to close those gaps. This is done by providing legal, and compliance solutions whenever you are in need.

Managed Benefits

Employee Experience

No more filling out insurance applications or beneficiary forms. Your employees get a simple enrollment experience without the headaches; also accessible from a tablet or smart phone.

Enrollment Benefit Videos

JRW Associates provide professional state of the art benefit enrollment videos that help explain the benefit offerings during annual and new hire enrollment.

View Custom Benefit Enrollment Video

Enrollment Support Desk

The process and adventure of Open enrollment is where the JRW team provides undeniable value to you and your employees. The JRW Enrollment Support Desk is available to all clients during open enrollment and provides your company with helpful and accurate benefit details to assist them in making the best decisions possible.

Custom Ad Hoc reporting

The power in gathering all the vital employee and benefit data is the ability to use this information at any time for your needs. The powerful Ad Hoc reporting capability we put to work and make available to clients allows for the use and custom reporting for many reasons and uses.

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